Buffy The Vampire Slayer 4×16 Screencaps

I started to screencap the remaining epsiodes of Buffy from Season 4 and decided since its been awhile since I’ve updated the gallery to go ahead and upload the screencaps from Episode 16.Hopefully I will be able to finish season 4 and get those caps uploaded this week!

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer > Season 4 > 4×16 Who Are You?

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Thank you all for visiting the site,I know I’ve been slacking lately but that’s definitely going to change! I love working on this site (and my other ones) and I hope everyone has a safe,fun and wonderful Christmas!

Updates will resume next week:)

Tube Talk’s Top 25 Shows of 2011


25. Ringer
Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new CW drama lands at the tail-end of this year’s countdown for a reason – it’s absolutely a guilty pleasure. But we’re putting the emphasis firmly on ‘pleasure’ – at its best, Ringer is a brilliantly fun concoction of absurd scenarios, unlikely plot twists and hammy acting.

Our favorite character is the terribly English Andrew – Ioan Gruffudd’s performance puts the ‘stiff’ in ‘stiff upper lip’. If you were looking for Buffy 2.0 then you were always going to be disappointed, but if you were just after some dumb fun, then you couldn’t beat Ringer in 2011.

The Grudge Screencaps and More!

I finally got around to screen capping The Grudge! I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile now and had some spare time.There is over 1,100 images from The Grudge in the gallery including movie stills and screencaps from the DVD Special Features.:)


Gallery Links
Movie Productions > The Grudge > Screencaps
Movie Productions > The Grudge > Movie Stills
Movie Productions > The Grudge > The Birth Of The Grudge
Movie Productions > The Grudge > Myth Of The Ju-On
Movie Productions > The Grudge > Culture Shock The American Cast In Japan
Movie Productions > The Grudge > Designing The Grudge House
Movie Productions > The Grudge > A New Direction Understanding Takashi Shimizu

New Layout!

Yes again,lol I’m sorry but I LOVE this layout and wasn’t 100% happy with the old one.But I think this is gorgeous.Hope you all do to:)

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