2012 Apr 17

Ringer Finale Preview: Bosses Promise ‘Mother of All Cliffhangers’ and at Least 3 Deaths!


The images floating around from tonight’s Ringer season (or series?) finale would have you believe that The CW’s topsy-turvy, twisty-turny serial thriller will conclude with a joyous event and a happily ever after for all. Well, you know what they say about appearances.
TVLine spoke with Ringer bosses Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder (who — spoiler alert — both make funny cameos in the episode) about the freshman drama’s season-ender, and they confirm that it’s unlikely anyone will be in a celebratory mood by the end of the hour… particularly not the three(!) characters who won’t make it out alive.
TVLINE | Ringer has a lot of balls in the air going into its finale. Can we expect much resolution tonight?
NICOLE SNYDER | We paid very careful attention and made promises in the beginning of the year based on fans’ reactions to shows with mysteries, like Lost. We kept saying all along, ‘We will answer questions, we promise. And we will give you a satisfying conclusion. ‘And I think we did that in the finale. It totally delivers. I think the audience is going to feel satisfied and I do think, with all of our characters, truths will come out in different ways.
TVLINE | To that point, Ioan Gruffudd told us a few weeks ago that the finale in no way neatly wraps up the story. Would you say that’s accurate?
ERIC CHARMELO | There is the mother of all cliffhangers that is posed by the end of the Season 1 finale, and it’s a great jumping off point for Season 2. That said, it will be satisfying and we will still answer questions. And by no means is the audience going to feel cheated. As Nicole said, it really, really delivers. It’s going to satiate you, but leave you hungry for more.
TVLINE | How about a tiny “mother of all cliffhangers” tease?
SNYDER | What we can say is this: We had a specific drive and an engine for the first season, and this cliffhanger has everything change direction. It changes the motivation of certain characters. We are so excited for this finale to air. We love everything about it, from the director to the title to the performances; it’s a great episode and I hope the fans love it as much as we do.
CHARMELO | I think the season finale makes the penultimate episode seem tame, comparatively. [Laughs] It was really challenging for the writers to sort of shoehorn everything into this last episode, but we did it in a really organic, interesting, compelling way.

TVLINE | Speaking of the title, we all know that Ringer titles are derived from dialogue spoken in each episode… So, it’s safe to assume that one of the two sisters says “I’m the Good Twin” at some point?
SNYDER | We kept trying to find the right line to be the title, and when that one was written it was just so obvious. I can’t tell you who says it because you’ll laugh when you watch it; you’ll enjoy the moment and I don’t want to ruin it… You know what my favorite part of the episode is, Meg? You get to see Eric Charmelo in a moustache. [Laughs]
CHARMELO | Nicole appears, too! She plays a barfly. It was very easy for Nicole… [Laughs]
SNYDER | It was. I got into character very easily playing a bar slut in Wyoming. But if you blink, you’ll miss me.
CHARMELO | And that is actually the scene in which one of the sisters says, “I’m the good twin.”
TVLINE | In a Q&A earlier this season, you teased more deaths by the end of the season. Should we expect a few more tonight?
TVLINE | OK, so characters we’ve become familiar with this season may not make it to the end?
SNYDER | Correct, they may not.
CHARMELO | It’s a bloodbath. We have at least three deaths in the finale.
TVLINE | Anyone fans will be sad to see go?
CHARMELO | Ummm, possibly. It depends on whom you’re rooting for. That’s the great thing about our show; there are fans that love the villains and then there are the fans that love the obvious protagonists. It will just depend on what your speed is. I’m sure some people will be upset.

TVLINE | Last week we released a finale clip in which Siobhan lies to Henry about the paternity test — and he seemingly buys it! Is Henry really that dumb? Or is there more to this arc?
SNYDER | [Laughs] That happens early on in the episode and is only one part of a larger story for Henry and Siobhan — and it’s really interesting. We’ve heard fans loud and clear, and know they want Henry to stand up to Siobhan and see things clearer… I don’t think this will disappoint.
TVLINE | Another finale clip we’ve seen revolves around the wedding of Andrew and Siobhan, with Bodaway crashing it. Is there any way that is not a dream sequence?
SNYDER | Let’s leave that one a mystery.
TVLINE | Is there a world in which Andrew and Bridget can actually exist as a couple, once all is said and done?
SNYDER | I hope so, because I love them! [Laughs] That’s the burning question for them — and it’s huge! — and that’s what the finale sets up. If she tells him the truth, can he forgive her and accept her for who she is?
CHARMELO | Bridget certainly is performing the con of the century on Andrew, but if anyone can understand what it’s like to be duplicitous, it’s Andrew. So, is that going to buy her any forgiveness on Andrew’s part?

TVLINE | Is there some sort of satisfaction in the finale for viewers longing to finally see some present-day interaction or acknowledgment between the twins?
CHARMELO | There is. In the climax [of the finale], the twins will be in the same room at the same time. In present day.
TVLINE | Is it safe to assume we’ve seen the last of psycho ex Catherine this season?
CHARMELO | This season, yes.
TVLINE | Will there be some reference to or resolution for the MIA Malcolm?
CHARMELO | New information comes into play that further solidifies where Malcolm might be, but it’s vague enough that we’re not being definitive. But we’re certainly leaning in a direction of where we think he is.
TVLINE | And more importantly, will poor, well-meaning Machado finally catch a break?
SNYDER | Yes! Yes! Yes!
TVLINE | Is anyone happy by the end of the episode?
SNYDER | [Long pause] I do think there are a couple characters that are happy by the end, but they may not be who you want to be happy. [Laughs]
CHARMELO | This is the interesting thing about the episode — it really does set up the stage beautifully for Season 2. Let’s pretend that our characters were in a cocoon all season, and they’re finally morphing into…
SNYDER | Evil butterflies?
CHARMELO | Not butterflies, but the next evolution of their characters. They have different agendas next season. There are turning points for every single major character in Season 1, so it provides a beautiful trajectory for them to jettison off in Season 1.
SNYDER | Can I tell you something, Meg? Happiness is boring. [Laughs]
CHARMELO | This is honestly the most emotional episode we’ve had. Every character has a lot at stake and said stakes are more real than they’ve been all season.